10 best beaches in the Dominican Republic

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean are located in the Dominican Republic. Here you will find exactly what you need, whether it is:

  1. comfortable rest on all-inclusive resort beaches;
  2. secluded and wild streaks of sand, allowing you to get away from people;
  3. or something in between.

In the northern part of the coast is the endless beaches with soft sand. Some of them are literally a paradise for windsurfers and kite surfing. Others offer excellent conditions for a relaxing swim or dive with snorkel and mask. Caribbean coastline of the southern part of the island is distinguished by the presence of both sandy and pebble beaches, depending on the specific region. On the east of the island, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, is the Punta Cana region, which is home to great beaches and luxury resorts.

1. Bavaro beach, Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the main destination for those who aimed at beach resorts. Sunbathers come here in large numbers, to relax on the soft sandy beach resorts, organized on the principle of “all inclusive”. The most beautiful coastal areas, of course, is the beach of Bavaro located just north of the city of Punta Cana. The calm waters of the Caribbean in this place are ideal for swimming and bathing.

The water color is characteristic of the region’s turquoise shade that extends far beyond the beach area, up to the boundary of the protective reef.

Boats and sailboats only sail outside the bathing area (to have a separate marina). The sand stretches along the coast for several kilometers, which makes the beach ideal for walks in order to “people watch”.

Near Bavaro you can find several well-known hotel chains, including “Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro”, hotel for adults only “Barcelo Bavaro Beach” and a complex “Grand Palladium Bavaro Suites Resort & Spa”.

2. Rincon beach

Remote and not very built-up beach Rincon is a textbook of tropical beach, which seemed to come down to the cards with his snow-white sand. To complete the picture, add here bluish shimmering waves washing the shore.

Along the beach there grow tall palm trees that provide shade. On one side of the territory, a sheltered cove allows for a quiet swim. A little farther, on the opposite shore of the bay rise covered with thick green mountains.

The only buildings around -small restaurant and a couple of tents with snacks near the parking area.

Rincon Beach is located on the Samana Peninsula. Get here usually half-hour swim in a boat from the town of Las Galeras or by car, it also takes half an hour. The road is paved and has a good state of almost all the way. However, potholes and mud appear in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Nathless, it is still possible to drive a regular car here.

If you have a desire to hire a boat, you can simply walk down to the water in the town of Las Galeras in a place where the main city road rests on the ocean. It’s easy to find a person who will take you wherever necessary. Boats leave straight from the beach.

Many hotels will be happy to help you organize your trip to Rincon Beach. If you prefer to travel by car, we recommend you select a trip to the beach all day. In this case, you can look into the rocky crevice of Boca del Diablo (Devil’s Mouth). To do this, however, you have to make a fifteen-minute detour on a rough dirt road. However, for this you will have to make a fifteen-minute detour on rough dirt road.

3. Cayo Levantado

Cayo Levantado is ideal for those whose goal is to spend relaxed vacation on a beautiful beach. Cayo Levantado is ideal for those looking to leave a relaxing holiday on a beautiful beach. This remote stretch of land on the coast of the Samana Peninsula is surrounded by beaches of soft sand and shallow turquoise waters. In addition, there is a luxury resort complex “Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado”.

The island has three beaches, connected by walkways. These beaches are justifiably considered the most beautiful in all of Dominican Republic.

The aforementioned resort is for adults-only and it’s an all-inclusive resort. The closest airport to the island is Samana El Catey International Airport.

4. Dorada Beach, Puerto Plata

This place is the main beach resort on the Amber Coast. Extensive area of golden sand stretches along the coast to the east of Puerto Plata. Beach boasts spectacular mountain scenery, palm trees and clear turquoise waters. That is exactly what tourists are looking for in such places.

Resorts located here, do not rise above the natural beauty. Building codes limit the height of buildings, maximum three floors. Moreover, each complex is located at a sufficient distance from the other. For the tourist area, which houses more than a dozen hotels, Dorada beach has managed to preserve the pristine beauty of nature quite well.

Almost all local resorts are in the mid to high end segment. Most of them operate on an all-inclusive basis and have one or two swimming pools on site, as well as their own restaurants.

Among the best resorts of the beach, we note:

  • Large complex “Iberostar Costa Dorada”;
  • More graceful resort – “VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort”;
  • Romantic hotel “Casa Colonia Beach & Spa”.

The last option is a stylish high-class hotel, where all 50 rooms (but still – excellent quality) and impeccable service.

5. Beaches of Las Galeras

Already mentioned Rincon beach, which is located near the town of Las Galeras, repeatedly falls in the list of best beaches in the Dominican Republic. As the matter stands, other locations along the coast of the city deserve no less attention, despite the fact that they are less known among tourists. Having just 15 minutes from the main beach in any direction, you will definitely come across more beautiful, and, most importantly, less crowded beach. Here you can spend some quiet time, and in relative silence lie directly on the sand or rent chairs.

The entire coastal area of Las Galeras is decorated with coconut palms, and the local shallow waters shimmer in various shades of greenish-blue. It will be difficult to find something similar on the northern coast of the island.

We also recommend visiting the charming little town of Las Galeras, which is, without exaggeration – a little-known treasure of the Dominican Republic.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the city to the west is the wild beach of La Playita, the calm shallow waters are perfect for swimming. Natural atmosphere broken only by a few merchants who will pass you to rent chairs and sun loungers.

To the east of Las Galeras, in ten minutes’ walk along palm planting is a calm turquoise beach Grand Paradise Samana – the only full-fledged resort in the area.

If you are looking for something more “Caribbean” in its atmosphere, we recommend something between the main beach and the wild beach of La Playita, called Colonial resort “Villa Serena Hotel”, located right on the ocean.

6. Kite Beach, Cabarete

When it comes to water sports, this beach is one of the most widely recognized in the entire Caribbean. It is considered the best kitesurfing destination and is also popular with windsurfing enthusiasts. Here is annually held the Master of Ocean Aquatics Championship Cup, which includes competitions in various types of surfing. The championship is held almost annually at the end of February. However, there was no competition in 2017.

Atmosphere on the beach is very friendly, including for those new to water sports. Anyone can take kitesurfing lessons at local sports schools.

7. Cabarete beach, Cabarete

This beach, which stretches along the coast near the town of Cabarete, more appropriate places to fans of atmospheric, rather than lovers of turquoise waters. The beach is quite nice and, moreover, one of the few in the area quite calm for different types of diving.

Shallow water extends a long distance from the shore, that for families with children makes the beach more attractive compared with other options.

However, the real value of the place – it’s atmosphere. Along the beach, right on the sand, there are simple but stylish restaurants with thatched roofs. You can dine under the stars in one of those fancy restaurants or listen to live music in early evening.

Near the beach someone is always playing volleyball or football.

The most peaceful areas of the beach are ideal for practicing water sports beginners. Nevertheless, it is still recommended for novice surfers to practice near the coast.

Unlike other beaches of the Caribbean coast, here you will not see motorboats.

This is not the type of beach dominated by upscale resorts, there are not many all-inclusive hotels in Cabarete. Admittedly, here you can also find several luxury coastal hotels, the main of which are:

  • “Velero Beach Resort”;
  • “Millennium Resort & Spa”;
  • “Ultraviolet Boutique Residences”.

8. Baia de las Aguilas

Relatively remote and beautiful beaches of Bahia de Aguilas can without exaggeration be called one of the most underrated in the Dominican Republic. It is located near the town of Pedernales on the Caribbean coast, near the Haitian border. Beach occupies about 8 kilometers of sandy shore and its part of the National Park “Jaragua”, which, in turn, is marked by UNESCO as a significant nature reserve.

Calm, crystal clear waters and white sand make this beach one of the most attractive in the country. Simultaneously, it remains one of the least visited. In terms of tourism infrastructure, the beach, like the surrounding area, is completely undeveloped. Most visitors stay in Barahona, and come here for the day.

9. Juan Dolio beach

The small coastal town of Juan Dolio is a suitable place for those looking for revitalizing and fun. The local beach consists of golden sand and palm tree plantations. It is great for a variety of games on the waves and sunbathing.

The beach is located on the coast between the cities of Santo Domingo and Punto Cana. Tourists are quite a lot, both foreign and local. Hereabouts you can find various resorts of the plan, including those where the “all inclusive”.

Among the excellent options are:

  • Mid-range hotel “Emotions by Hodepa”;
  • High-class complex “Xeliter Costa del Sol Juan Dolio”.

10. Beach Pediment

This beach has almost no infrastructure. This is not surprising, because it is accessible either by boat trip or by a four-hour hike.

Clean water, soft sand and palm trees complemented the impressive rocky landscape that creates a truly surreal look. Nothing similar in the Dominican Republic is not found.

Boats depart here from the small town of Las Galeras, which is the last town on the main road of the peninsula of Samana. If you thought that you have reached the end of the world in Las Galeras, this impression is only strengthened when you sit in the boat and go on a forty-minute walk to the forgotten beach. Note, that in the morning the beach is well lit by the sun, and secondly it covers the shadow of a rocky cliff.

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