13 days in the ocean without food and water – Dominican fishermen rescued in Panama

Dehydrated and sunburned, Panama’s naval forces found and rescued Dominican fishermen.

It turned out that the three men went fishing on December 20, 2020. Miguel Dario Abreu (50), Francis Feliz Beltre (42) and Bryant Peña Santana (29) boarded a motorboat off the coast of Baraonna, Dominican Republic.

The men planned to fish in the area of Island – Tortuga.

However, the old motor on their 23-foot boat was damaged. The fishermen could not return home. And their boat was picked up by the currents and began to carry it farther into the ocean.

The Dominicans did not plan to go fishing for a long time, they had limited food and water supplies. On the third day they ran out of food because a storm shook the boat and they lost the fish they had to eat.

“We only had two bottles of water for three adults and no food. It was very hard, and there came a time when we thought we were going to die”, said Bryant, the youngest of the castaways.

Francis, on his side, explained that they had no choice but to drink salt water on the eighth day of being adrift. “Every day we asked God to allow us to get to a point alive,” he recalled.

Peña Santana, who had been the first to faint and was weaker, asked his two companions that if he died, they would throw him into the sea.

Fishermen in the Dominican Republic point out that the bad thing is not having spent Christmas and New Years away from home, but thinking that we were never going to return.

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