Abinader’s statement concern water protection

President Luis Abinader believes that the state should take special care of water resources so that they reach the entire national territory and the population as a whole, indicating that half of the Dominicans can have access to this element and almost 80% of municipalities do not have domestic sewage systems.

Abinader expressed these considerations after leaving the Guanuma Los Botados aqueduct water treatment plant in Monte Plata province by the National Institute of Drinking Water and Sewerage (INAPA) with an investment of 12.5 million pesos and in record time, for the benefit of more than 15 thousand people.

He said that water is vital to humans and other animals and living beings that inhabit the planet.

He expressed regrets that his importance had been ignored for too long in the country, knowing that it was the most valuable resource. It plays a vital role in all economic activities and environmental preservation. “For this reason, we know that the state must take special care of this asset to ensure that this resource is used for the benefit of the nation and society as a whole,” the president said.

He lamented that the economic growth of recent decades has not affected directly at improving the quality of life – the unbearable truth with which he is not willing to tolerate.

“And that is why we are here, inaugurating this new water treatment plant of the Guanuma-Los Botados Aqueduct, located in this wonderful province of Monte Plata, to begin to provide answers and solutions to these problems,” he proclaimed. He said that the Government, headed by INAPA, is undertaking a series of infrastructures and reforms throughout the country that will reverse the inherited situation and provide a definitive solution to a problem that should have been solved a long time ago.

Wellington Arnault, Director of INAPA, stressed that with an investment of AED 12.5 million, the facility re-established the job in just 45 days and created jobs for more than 100 people in the community, demonstrating that it is possible to carry out an effective, efficient and transparent management from the Dominican State.

He said that since the restoration of this system, which was abandoned more than 15 years ago, the government has guaranteed services in the communities of Guanuma, Cruz de la Bomba, Los Botados and El 35 in Monte Plata.

He immediately instructed that it be intervened, recovered, and put at the community’s service as soon as possible.

The official pointed out that the institution has worked tirelessly National Plan of Salvation INAPA objects. He seeks to return to the infrastructure of the people, such as this factory, which was neglected by the authorities of the past. Community representatives expressed gratitude for the work.

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