Celebrity Facts You Really Didn’t Know

Which celebrity is named after a department store and who bailed out the family animals during Hurricane Katrina? Precedents you never knew about celebrities!

Uma Thurman’s father was a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Robert Thurman was the first Westerner to be initiated into this religion; he is still considered a doctor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism at Columbia Institute.

Gemma Arterton appeared with six fingers on every hand. – It’s a little anomaly of mine that I’m proud of. People are interested, but at the same time disgusted,” she confessed. – My founder and my grandfather had them. I feel like we’re one step ahead – the signal of future events.”

 Marcus Wischenbart, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. This man started working at age 6. He walked door-to-door and delivered people their morning newspapers. 

Tom Hiddleston initially tried for the role of Thor (which went to Chris Hemsworth), but the film bosses were so impressed with him that instead gave him the role of bad brother Thor Loki.

 Halle Berry was named after a department store. The actress appeared Maria Halle Berry, her guardians chose her 2nd name (which became her stage name) as a tribute to the Cleveland, Ohio, landmark, Holly Department Store.

It’s not strange that former flames Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, for example, were getting along just fine when they met on the set of “Gossip Girl.” The couple met when they were 11 years old because Blake’s mother was Penn’s acting coach.

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