Dominican Republic exports processed macadamia nuts.

The Dominican Republic is now a player in the international market macadamia nuts. Corporacion Agricola La Loma was the first company in the Dominican Republic, which exports processed macadamia nuts, observing the highest quality standards. CEO and founder of La Loma Jesús Moreno said that the first batch was 22 800 pounds of beautiful shells, which are processed macadamia farm near San José de las Matas, province of Santiago.

Chief Operating Officer Clara Abreu plant explains that in the past, export volumes were lower, but this is the first time the nut is exported on a commercial scale.

Currently, the DR competes on par with established manufacturers and exporters in Colombia, Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Kenya, Guatemala and Malawi. World trade macadamia valued at approximately $ 750 million.

Brand La Loma is considered a sustainable business model, which is a pioneer in the country, combining the cultivation and marketing of macadamia nuts with positive social, economic and environmental impacts for all participants in the value chain.

“The farmer, who restored the forest on the hills of the Dominican Republic, planting macadamia to the final consumer, who purchases the finished product and becomes responsible consumer – they are an important part of the value chain of agricultural crops”, – said Moreno, estimating exports as an appropriate step to sustainable future in some forest areas.

Agricola La Loma Corporation owns the first macadamia processing plant in the Caribbean with a first-stage processing capacity of 75,000 to 100,000 kg of export nuts. The industrial structure, opened in 2019, is located in San Jose de las Matas, Santiago and was built with an investment of approximately US $ 2.0 million.

It currently has a direct impact on 6,700 tare (1 tare = 629 square meters), 210 families. More than 200 farmers earn a livelihood for their families by protecting the soil from erosion, ensuring water production and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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