Don’t abandon your pets!

Under the slogan “Don’t abandon the one who always trusted you. Never abandon your pet, be responsible”, Mape RD tries to attract the population’s attention to prevent irresponsible citizens from abandoning their pets because this causes them great suffering and adds to the tragic stray animal population.

Don’t abandon your pets! We are responsible for those we have tamed.

“When you abandon a dog or a cat, you are causing it the worst suffering that can exist, and you make it start a tireless search. Have a heart and be responsible,” this is one of the moving messages that Pets Lost and Found RD (Mape RD) spreads to promote responsible animal ownership.

This is snippet of their new campaign. How to educate and raise awareness with positive messages about animal protection in the Dominican Republic. Since 2012, the law seeks to eradicate abuse and ensure animals health and welfare.

The message is transmitted through billboards, radio, television and social media.

So far Mape RD has managed to place some 285 fences in Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Santiago and San Pedro de Macorís. His plans are to continue placing more, as this new campaign will be between six and eight months.

Campaign has attracted the attention of officials, artists, politicians, and many citizens who value this initiative as very positive because of the impact that positive publicity has.

One of them is the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, who said he is impressed by this message’s depth and educational nature.

“I congratulate its creator. Abandoning a creature that loves us gives way to our close ones to do the same. The example is a formidable lesson. I salute and support this foundation’s effective campaign because it has been developing the State’s role, although it will not continue alone… Do not abandon those who trust you,” wrote the minister.

Mape RD was born in 2017 to educate and create awareness among the population about the care and responsibility of having a pet. For its founder, who has preferred to remain anonymous, the solution to the animals’ situation in the Dominican Republic is to raise awareness through positive messages and sterilization.

Summing up, let’s say that at the moment, Mape RD has sterilized more than 800 dogs and cats and has made many other contributions because its founder’s criteria are that you always have to give back to the world some of what you earn.

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