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Dominican Republic is deservedly considered a tropical paradise. The country delights travelers tender warm sea, snow-white sandy beaches and amazing vegetation. Another nuance, which pleases Dominican Republic – vacation prices with flight.

Regions of the country and their features

In the Dominican Republic is warm at any time of year, comfortable temperature remains even at night. The country is washed by the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, and the water in the latter is somewhat warmer. Tourist season here is considered quite blurred concept, but the best time to relax in the Dominican Republic from December to April. At this time does not fall season of rain, high humidity and excessive heat.

In the Dominican Republic there are several most famous tourist regions, each with its own characteristics:

  1. Punta Cana / Bavaro is famous for its unique architecture and dazzling white sand beaches stretching for 32 km;
  2. Boca Chica / Juan Dolio is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and offers excellent conditions for leisure, sports and trips to the capital;
  3. Santo Domingo is the state capital with historic sites, exotic culture and modern infrastructure;
  4. Puerto Plata will suit fans of entertainment and outdoor activities, the resort is located right on the shores of the Atlantic;
  5. The Samaná Peninsula with its deserted beaches, national park and coconut groves is ideal for fans of a secluded vacation.

Those who come to the Dominican Republic during the Christmas holidays, expect an unforgettable experience. At this time there are numerous carnivals and theatrical processions. Around this time you can observe the migration of whales, which come to the local warm waters in large groups. Many will be interested in the local entertainment – cockfights, which are held in small villages as well as in big cities.

Exotic and unforgettable experiences

Dominican cuisine is an inexpressible combination of European and African traditions with exclusive local recipes. Many dishes are based on legumes and other vegetables, including the most exotic. Here you can try the most unusual meat and fish, as well as a special dish, fried bananas of a special variety.

The national drink of the Dominican Republic – rum, it is made according to different recipes. In any store you can buy excellent Chilean wine, local beers, or traditional alcoholic drink “pru” from the juice of the eponymous plant.

Holidays for every taste

Conventionally the whole territory of the Dominican Republic can be divided into three coasts: south, north and east. The first belongs to the Caribbean Sea, the rest – the Atlantic. On the Caribbean coast there is the capital, standing on a rocky surface. The beaches of La Romana, Boca Chica and Juan Dolio are more suitable for holidays. To the west of Santo Domingo there are fantastic beaches and seaside villages with a special serene atmosphere. The highlight of the southern coast are the national parks and golf courses.

The most popular coast of the Dominican Republic is eastern. Here is the famous resort of Punta Cana with a huge number of hotels. All of them are located on the first line and form a single resort area. In the north of the country travelers are waiting for beach vacations, unforgettable excursions to historical sites, windsurfing lessons.

Whichever region tourists choose, the Dominican Republic always has a lot of sources for amazing experiences and the most comfortable conditions for recreation.

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