Food from the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic food culture is formed on a combination of European, African, and local recipes. That is why Dominicans call their cuisine «comida criolla.» Its main specificity is the wide usage of fruits such as bananas and other vegetables combined with meat and fish products. In the meantime, the profusion of spices that they use in the cooking, on the surface, may seem too much, but, be sure, it is not authentic – Dominican dishes are not that spicy, and they have the original taste of the product. One of the most popular products in the Dominican Republic is bananas, but not the usual ones, only of a specific type called “platano” (green and quite challenging).

There is a lot of Dominican Republic famous food. The most traditional plats are the thick soup with meat, rice, and vegetables which are called «Sancocho,» and the original stew with beef, beans, rice, lettuce and fried bananas «La Bandera» (everyday food of the Dominicans, often replaces all the dishes on the table).

As a side dish, rice and red beans in various combinations, cassava, mashed forest bananas with onions «mangú» and multiple salads are used. Constantly on the table, there are cassava tortillas «kasabe».

Despite the geographical location of the country, fish and seafood are scarce in the traditional Dominican food. Still, lately, they appear more and more often in the menus of cafes and restaurants. The most popular are fish fried on a spit or grill, fish fried with coconut crumbs, fish in a sauce made of coconut milk “pescado con coco,” a variety of seafood “mariscos,” crabs in a sauce, “cangrejo gisado.”

Another type of Dominican Republic famous food is desserts. The first one is Crème caramel, a Spanish-inspired Dominican sweet treat made from egg yolks, vanilla evaporated milk and condensed milk. Another one is Quesillo, which is a coconut flan that is a traditional Dominican dish.

Of course, there are various tropical fruits in the Dominican Republic, such as all types of bananas, coconuts, guavas, mangos, green lemons, and a lot of other exotic fruits. Dominicans eat them in their natural form or in the form of fresh juices and cocktails. Also, there is a good coffee in the Dominican Republic, especially their sort called Santo Domingo.

Dominican food is an exciting and unique thing because it is formed under different cultures’ influence. 

First of all, Spanish culture gave a lot of other ingredients and methods of cooking. Secondly, it is a local cuisine culture that we can find in various exotic fruits and vegetables. The Dominican Republic finally became independent only in 1844. Their food culture is fascinating and unique, so we can claim that everyone should try it themselves. Of course, there are many similarities in the kitchen with the Dominican Republic neighbors, but still, it has its own features.

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