Forms and required documentation

Dully completed regulatory forms and following documentation must be presented to American Citizen Services Unit (ACS) of the Consular Section of United States Embassy in Santo Domingo in order to determine if your application satisfy all legal requirements:

  1. Foreign birth certificate (in this case Dominican) original, extensive and legalized.

Dominican birth certificates are presented in several formats: in the middle of a normal sheet, used for enrollment in schools; in extract (Extract of Minutes) showing only the basic / relevant information; and the complete one, in a long format (acta in Extensa).

Birth certificates are accepted only in expanded form.

  1. Copy of Baptism certificate.
  2. Copy of marriage certificate, whether legalized in Dominican Republic, official from the United States or another certificate of current marriage of the parents (if applicable). Bring the originals to the interview.
  3. Documented evidence of termination of any previous marriage of either parent (Divorce Decree, Death Certificate, etc.), if applicable.
  4. Copy of marriage certificate, whether legalized in Dominican Republic, or another valid marriage certificate of the applicant (if applicable).
  5. Documented evidence of termination of any previous applicants’ marriage (Decree of Divorce, Death Certificate, etc.), if applicable.

Dominican civil documents: In the Dominican Republic, the recording of births, marriages, divorces and deaths obtained from the local office of the registrar (Oficialía del Estado Civil) closest to the place where the event occurred. As the matter stands, such documents must be delivered to Central Registry Office (Central Office of Civil Status) of Election Commission (Central Election Commission of the Junta) of Santo Domingo for legalization by checking them against the duplicate records they keep there. Only legalized Dominican civil documents – signed and stamped on both sides – will be accepted.

  1. North American parents’ citizenship proof (certified copy of North American birth certificate, North American passport, certificate of naturalization or citizenship, consular declaration of birth abroad, etc.).
  2. Identity proof for both parents (if both are US citizens) or ID of the parent who is a US citizen: Photo ID (driver’s license, government ID, etc.). If parent(s) of the citizen(s) died, you must bring an official death certificate(s).
  3. Any other document from United States of America, Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic that establishes the identity of the applicant and his relationship with the United States citizen parent.
  4. Applicant’s ID: Dominican passport.
  5. Certificate from Central Electoral Board indicating the date when applicant obtained his Cédula for the first time.
  6. Certificate of Migration Service of the Dominican Republic (with an indication date of arrival in Dominican Republic), the father/mother of an American citizen.
  7. The citizenship questionnaire form (PDF, 39 Kb) duly completed, but not signed. ( **This form contains three pages and is available only in English. It must be printed and filled in manually or typed on a computer.**
  8. Additional declaration form for the application. ( **(PDF, 17 Kb) The form is filled out properly, but without a signature. It’s available only in English. It must be printed and filled in manually or typed on a computer.**
  9. Form DS-11 ( completed ONLINE and printed. Hand-filled forms are NOT accepted. You do NOT have to sign passport form until consular officer askes you.
  10. Two 2 “x 2” (5 x 5 cm) color photographs (front, face only and white background). (
  11. Fees: People over 18 years old who are documented for first time as American citizens pay $ 100.00 dollars or its equivalent in pesos in addition to $ 12.00 dollars for home delivery of the documents if it is in the city of Santo Domingo, or $ 16.00 if documents must be delivered in any other city outside Santo Domingo (as applicable).

Note: Depending on individual circumstances of your case, you may be required to present evidence of physical presence in the United States of your US citizen parent.

Others: The Immigration and Citizenship Act (INA) requires both – blood relationship and a legal relationship between child and the father/mother of an American citizen. Burden evidence is applicant’s responsibility to substantiate his application for citizenship. For example, if child was born out of wedlock, the US citizen father must prove contact with his/her mother during conception. Similarly, in unusual circumstances, such as cases of in vitro fertilization, surrogate mother cases, and so on, may require additional evidence. Information for parents about blood and DNA testing is attached. (

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