Investments in the Pedernales province

President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader arranged “meaningful” statements regarding Pedernales and the investments made in the province, according to the texts of the executive director of the Directorate General of Public-Private Partnerships (DGAPP).

“This is the 1st step to start Pedernales affairs. The idea is that by mid-year, it will be possible to begin work on the service infrastructures that the plan is pressing to develop later,” he said.

Besides that, he said, the plan’s first period would involve investments in the range of $1,000.

“The Dominican Republic will be affected by the PPP plans,” he said.

He explained that the first phase would include communication routes, followed by the development of service infrastructures, such as energy, water, and, after that, the airport.

He stressed that DGAPP had taken significant steps forward to develop plans for the PPP modality to promote tourism in the Provincia Pedernales.

Freund mentioned the Pro-Pedernales Trust-Initiative Foundation’s launching, which will regulate and encourage investment and infrastructure offerings in the province.

“Thanks to this trust, the infrastructure work needed in the province to become tourism will be viable,” he added.

He reiterated that Pro Pedernales is considered the reference point for the sustainable development of tourism in the province and a symbol of the President’s commitment to tourism development.

He further stated that they had outlined possible improvements to Law 47-20 on Public-Private Partnerships to more effectively operate the inventory that prepares the economy to be resilient in these times of pandemics.

Leading the Mass on the occasion of the celebration of the 1st anniversary of Law 47-20, the bureaucrat that properly has already consulted with different sections, both personal and state, and visualized improvements in procedures so that plans have a chance to start in the least amount of time.

Also, Freund explained that the initiative to improve regulations is part of the “Efficient Government” proposal, which implies and defends the President of the Dominican Republic’s instruction and aims to reduce procedures and requirements that make the processes bureaucratic and tedious.

He specified that this wording of the law would reduce the procedures and time of processes, depending on the nature and difficulty of plans.

He also said that a reasonable degree of consensus was reached on these improvements, including eliminating qualities that make it difficult to interpret the rules and the rules of their use.

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