LHV Club Announces Vaccination Roll Out for 2,500+ Employees

As a favorite in the travel industry, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is eager to get back to business as usual. More than anything else, Lifestyle Holidays Entertainment Club is rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations to all employees at its hotels and their guests.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is proud to announce the start of its COVID-19 vaccination. This process will reach 2,500 hotel employees because their well-being and safety are key values of the organization.

The vaccination operation has started in the Cofresí Palm Beach Hotel, in collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Tourism, and the presence of the President of the Lifestyle Group, Markus Wischenbart.

With the support of this process of inoculation of its staff, the Lifestyle Group follows the advice of the President of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Luis Abinader, in line with the Offices of Health and Tourism, so that the entire staff working in the tourism sector of the state will receive the perfect vaccination against COVID-19.

The President of the Vitality Group, Mr. Marcus Wischenbart, thanked directly for the collaboration of the Minister of Social Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, Deputy Minister of Provincial Departments and Health Areas DPS / DAS, Dr. Fernando Ureño, and the presence of Dr. Johnny Tavares, Provincial Director of Social Health of Puerto Plata. He also commends Provincial Director of Tourism Ms. Stephanie Kfuri for her concert.

“It’s the best presentation of the fact that for us and the government of the Dominican Republic, the well-being and well-being of tourists and our employees is a priority,” said Wischenbart.

The inoculation process will continue until all employees have received the first dose of the Sinovac vaccine. The second dose was scheduled for May 24.

About Lifestyle Holidays Club: Lifestyle Holidays Club in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, invites its members from around the world to an immaculate tropical setting with miles of gorgeous beaches and a boundless abundance of sunshine and refreshing ocean breezes. Our delightful resort ensemble includes a mix of suites and detached villas that have all kinds of space to guarantee plenty of space for couples, families, and groups of all sizes.

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