Luis Abinader has launched the “Home Improvement Plan”

President Luis Abinader has launched the Government’s Successful Home Improvement Plan in Hato del Yaque to build 62,000 homes in 4 years as part of a public-private partnership that will affect 310,000 people.

The initial city investment in the project will amount to $ 32 million, and by the end of the four-year term, it will increase to $ 200 million..

According to the project, 11,000 apartments will be built at the same time in different parts of the state, covering Los Alcarrizos, Azua, East Santo Domingo, Higuey, West Santo Domingo, Sabana Perdida, La Romana, Pedro Brand and San Pedro. de Macoris, where similar events were held on Friday.

According to the president, this initiative will make it possible to create almost 460 thousand working spaces for direct and indirect purposes.

The task is made in order to “answer the municipal debt”, like housing tasks, Abinader added in his own concert, in which he assured, in fact, that the program itself, without a doubt, will undoubtedly help to start the economy of the Dominican Republic.

“This allows families to buy a house,” the president said at an official ceremony in Ato del Yac, where 928 apartments will be built first.

The President defines the PNVFF as an effective program for ensuring the availability of apartments and households, aimed at Dominican families from the social class, who feel great difficulties buying them in order to reduce the shortage of apartments.

In the Dominican Republic, due to the lack of apartments, more than 1 million apartments are being built.

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