LVHC wins coronavirus: Markus Wischenbart about COVID-19 safety measures

The Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is revitalizing the tourism sector by creating the best conditions for a safe holiday. Resorts in the Dominican Republic have opened the doors to everyone seeking a vacation with confidence in protection. Club President Markus Wischenbart shared the main points of the security protocol introduced to the territory of each recreation center.

Anti-coronavirus measures in Lifestyle Holidays Hotels & Resorts

26th January 2021 Lifestyle Holidays Hotels & Resorts in the Dominican Republic has been inspected and stamped by the Ministry of Tourism for COVID-19 compliance. Another one confirmation that safe tourism is possible.

Safety measures include protection at all stages of stay, enhanced disinfection, staff training and social distancing:

  • Check-in: welcome security kit (mask and disinfectant), temperature check, baggage disinfection, access to the resort app, signature of consent to social distancing.
  • Disinfection: nebulizers for room handling, strengthened disinfection of surfaces in public places, stations with disinfectants throughout the resort.
  • Social distancing: reorganizing the layout of outdoor furniture and seating in catering establishments, renovating all movie theaters, organizing events based on social distance requirements.
  • Staff training: correct usage of personal protective equipment by all maintenance staff, training staff to adapt to new protocols, checking staff temperature upon entrance the resort.
  • Dining: enhanced food screening measures in line with global standards, mist sprayers in all public areas, disinfection protocols for all suppliers and reception areas.
  • Health monitoring: medical staff are available 24/7.

Resort guests can take a government-compliant PCR test at any time to re-enter after travel. Fast testing and high-quality medical care is made possible by the collaboration with Grupo Rescue.

Markus Wischenbart asks all guests to comply with the resort policy. Each member of the club can find detailed measures of protection against COVID-19 in a special application.

Remind you that LHVC has over 50,000 members worldwide. The club includes resorts in the Dominican Republic, the UAE and Mexico. Markus Wischenbart’s company has developed a unique VIP membership concept with exclusive services and high-end amenities: luxury villas and rooms, first-class restaurants, bars, pools, lounges, themed beach holidays and VIP transportation.

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