Meet TOP-4 Sosua beaches, the meeting point from travelers around the world

They are probably the top reason travelers flock to this destination to sprawl in the golden sands and sip margaritas, admiring its blue skies and calm ocean waters under the swaying coconut palms. There are several good ones to choose from, starting with the main and biggest one, Sosua Beach. Known among locals to be one of the most beautiful places on the island of the Dominican Republic.

Sosua Beach offers golden sand and clear waters

It is set on a moon-shaped bay of the same name, a long stretch of beach about 2 kilometers long rimmed by green trees that provide shade, an important aspect that makes it a favorite. There are over a hundred stores, restaurants and bars lined up behind the tree line, serving all kinds of services straight to the comfort of the chaise lounges (no need to get up when ordering a cold Presidente cerveza).

The beach has two sides, the Batey side which is quieter and nicer, and the Charamicos side ( crowded most of the time ). The center of the beach might as well be the best spot of all, probably because most people stay closer to the parking areas left and right.

Top 5 Bars in the Beach:

  1. Scandinavian Beach Bar
  2. Playa Cerunia Bar Restaurant
  3. La Bodega Bar
  4. Leo Banana’s
  5. Mofongo King

The beach has shallow areas and lots of great snorkeling spots, in fact diving and snorkeling are two of the main activities there.  Water sports line banana boat, fishing, sailing, kayak, stand-up paddle board and laser sailing are available from various tour operators.

Pros: Shallow areas, kids friendly, lots of shade, full service from restaurants to chaise lounges.

Cons: many walking vendors offering jewelry, even food, but can be firmly declined.

Depths: 4, 5, 6+ feet ( a few spots for kids and non swimmers, exercise precaution ).

The next and second best is Alicia Beach, formed in 2002 after the ocean receded back bringing up an awesome beach that soon became a favorite. Surrounded by a cliff wall, it is accessed through a staircase that is part of the Jewish park memorial ( dedicated to the founders of the town ).

Alicia Beach is less crowded than Sosua Beach.

There are two restaurants, Steven’s and Water front – the second one delivers orders right at the beach, quite a convenience – and the second one is set on the terrace overlooking the beach from above the cliff (incredible vistas). This beach is for good swimmers, as it descends after the first 3-4 meters into deeper levels. It is less crowded than the main beach, which is a big plus. Most visitors to Alicia Beach are from the resort next door (Ahmsa Marina).

Pros: Beautiful scenery, à la carte restaurant and drinks, chaise lounges and umbrellas for rent.

Cons: Parking becomes difficult on local DR holidays, otherwise perfect.

Depths: 4, 5, 6+ feet (a few spots for kids and non swimmers, exercise precaution).

The Casa Marina Beach in Sosua.

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Third on the list of the tour is Casa Marina Beach,  named after the hotel facing it. To just see it makes people realize why so many people from all latitudes visit this town. All beaches in the Dominican Republic are open to the public, but since the island has so many choices, each one has its own audience. The Casa Marina beach is more frequented by guests of the hotel, and also has locals and tourists from other hotels and villas visiting it.

Pros: Gorgeous, quiet beach

Cons: Most of the space taken by the hotel, no food or drinks for sale.

Depths: 4, 5, 6+ feet (not for kids or those with no swimming training).

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The fourth on the list when traveling from West to East in El Batey is the Paradise Beach, an extension of Imbert Beach. This could well be the most beautiful and more secluded of all beaches in Sosua. Hard to reach for the public, as it sits on mostly private land. Facing the Hispaniola Beach condos, Infiniti Blu condos, Gansevoort, Paradise condos and the Sosua By the Sea hotel, this stretch of exclusive Caribbean paradise is simply unique.

Paradise beach is a very exclusive location of Sosua. (update: Sosua beach “absorbed” paradise beach into the bay, made it bigger).

On any given day, it is easy to spot the catamarans and private yachts anchoring on its shores, because of the top diving and snorkeling spots facing it. For the general population to reach this beach, it has to be done through the access of Casa Marina beach, then walk up the reef walkway to the right until the beach is reached. It is a pro swimmer’s beach because it is not shallow and waves can be big as there is no bay or cove, just open ocean. It is frequented mostly by guests of the ultra expensive Gansevoort and the guests from Sosua by the Sea hotel.

Pros: Very secluded, zero noise, no vendors.

Cons: Need to bring your own drinks and food ( or buy expensive from the Ocean Club at Gansevoort ).

Depths: 4, 5, 6+ feet (not for kids, the Imbert side might do better for non swimmers).The beaches of Sosua are all safe, with tourist police CESTUR always present. The business owners in the beach are friendly and take care of the customers, even so it is better to avoid bringing expensive valuables, if only for peace of mind. There is transportation available, although most of the beaches can be walked to as seen in the Google map below. The Facebook page for Sosua Beach is the official source of information, videos and news on the beach.


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