The Paradise Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic – by far one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the oldest state in the Western Hemisphere of the globe.

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, or as it is called in the modern world – the island of Haiti. The country occupies 2/3 of its land area and shares a single island space with the neighboring Republic of Haiti.

That island of Hispaniola with the opening of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492 and began development of the New World.

The Dominican Republic is rich not only in nature, but also historical sites. This country will be interesting for tourists who prefer a beach holiday, appreciate comfort and safety, and love historical and educational tours. It is suitable for families with children and aged travelers.

Basic data: Dominican passport

The area of the Dominican Republic is 48,730 km² and it is the 128th largest country in the world. .Gaiti is the 22nd largest in the world and second among Caribbean islands.

Population of the country – about 11 million people. But this is a very outdated data from 2009. A fairly loyal immigration policy and a positive demographic situation on the island contribute to an increase in the population.

Dominican Republic is washed by the Caribbean Sea in the south and the Atlantic Ocean – to the north.

The capital of the Dominican Republic – the old museum town of Santo Domingo, is the historic colonial center of the Western Hemisphere. And the most developed city of the republic, as well as the main metropolis of the country.

The national language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. Notwithstanding, the popular tourist cities are also pretty well spoken in English. And in the territory of some of the resorts also have large French and Russian-speaking communities.

Predominantly population – Dominican-mestizo. Most of the local population – Catholics.

Weather in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has one of the best climates in the world. And the weather here, regardless of the season, is always + 28 + 30 C during the day and + 26 + 28 C at night in the main resorts.

Therefore, the water does not have time to cool down and it is comfortable and warm to swim on the beaches both in summer and in winter.

The water temperature or air temperature is equal to (in summer) or by 1-2 degrees below the temperature (in winter).

In the center of the country in the highlands of the Dominican Republic in winter, the air temperature can drop to 0 C and even -1 C. For two years in a row, for the first time in the history of the modern Dominican Republic, the fact of frost was officially registered in the mountains. Which the locals mistook for snow.

However, such low temperatures – a rare case and are only in the mountains – at an altitude of 2000 m in the non-touristic areas.

Holiday season and rains in the Dominican Republic

There is no holiday season, like the rainy season in the Dominican Republic. It is comfortable to relax here all year round.

But Russian-speaking and European tourists prefer to fly to the Dominican Republic in winter – when it is cool or cold in other parts of the world, but here summer continues.

Therefore, the period from November to March – is considered high season in the Dominican Republic. At this time, flight and accommodation prices become more expensive. However, the price increase is also due to the major holidays that fall during this period – the Catholic and Christian Christmas and New Year.

Also, in the summer in the Dominican Republic increased humidity, which however is not visible when a beach holiday.

There is no rainy season in the Dominican Republic. Precipitation usually falls at night. And in rare cases – there may be short-term tropical showers during the day. It is up to 5 minutes of rain, and then for a few minutes the sun dries up all the moisture. Afraid of rain is not necessary. At least, they do not affect the quality of rest.

The most popular resorts in the Dominican Republic

The most famous resort in the country, which takes about 60-75% of tourists is Punta Cana. It is only 10-30 minutes’ drive from the Punta Cana international airport of the same name (PUJ).

The best hotels working on system all inclusive, are located in Punta Cana and Bavaro city, which is part of the resort. Hallmarks of Punta Cana are beaches with snow-white, fine as flour sand and turquoise beaches. The resort is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

There are also upmarket luxury gated residences – Punta Cana resort and Cap Cana, where luxury villas are located.

Holiday Uveroalto zone also washed by the Atlantic, but the water is more emerald than azure color. And the sand on the beach is rather golden.

Bayahibe Resort (Bayahibe) is washed by the Caribbean Sea, there is also a network of hotels all-inclusive and private guest houses.

One of the most luxurious resorts in the Dominican Republic, located on the Caribbean coast of the country – is the Casa de Campo. This is the territory in which there are about 6,000 luxury villas and famous artists of the city of Altos de Chavon. This resort is also called the City of Millionaires. And it is not available for mass tourism.

But you can stay in one of the luxury hotels or rent a villa. Hollywood stars, heads of state, famous businessmen and other celebrities live and rest on the territory of this resort.

Inexpensive resorts on the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic are Boca Chica and Juan Dolio. There are all inclusive hotels, however, it is cheaper and easier in terms of quality and service than in Punta Cana. 

If you prefer a vacation surrounded by wild nature with maximum immersion in the flavor of the country – pay attention to the resorts of Samana and Puerto Plata, which are washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

In terms of tourism development in the Dominican Republic, there is the Pedernales resort area and the famous Orlov Bay (Caribbean Sea). But so far there are only small motels and tent camps in this area.

Dominican beaches

Dominican beaches annually win many prizes and prestigious awards and confirm his title – one of the best beaches in the world.

Specifically, TripAdvisor in 2020 introduced Bavaro Beach (Punta Cana resort) in the list of the most beautiful beaches on the version Travellers’ Choice award in the world.

In 2019, Bavaro Beach was included in the ranking of the most famous beaches in the world. And in 2018 he was named one of the five most beautiful and photographed beaches in the world.

Paradise Island Beach Cayo Arena has been voted in 2020 by Forbes magazine as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

In 2019 TripAdvisor made Bavaro Beach and bay eagles in the Dominican Republic in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Rincon Beach (Samana Peninsula) has many international awards. Condé Nast Traveler magazine, for example, ranked this beach in the top ten beaches in the world.

And in 2018, National Geographic included Rincon in the 24 Best Spots in the Caribbean, which means the list of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. We placed it in the 3rd position of the rating.

On Saona Island in the Dominican Republic filming one of the advertising Bounty. And the list is endless. The beaches of the Dominican Republic – is its richness.

Popular attractions in Dominican Republic

Due to the above-mentioned advertising – the island of Saona is one of the most visited sites in the Dominican Republic. Thousands of tourists go on excursions here every day.

Less known, but also very popular is another island located in the Caribbean Sea and part of the Dominican Republic – Catalina Island.

From January to March, hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive in the Dominican Republic and go to the Samana Peninsula in order not to just enjoy the beauty of its wildlife and waterfalls. But also, in order to see humpback whales in their natural habitat, which come here for their honeymoon.

The historical center of the Dominican Republic is the capital of the country – Santo Domingo. This is a real city-museum, which houses many castles, temples, fortresses of Columbian times.

About an hour’s drive from the resort of Punta Cana is the most famous mountain in the Dominican Republic – Redonda, on the top of which there is a heavenly swing. So, if you dreamed of flying in the clouds, now you know where you can do it.

Amazing sights of the Dominican Republic

A complex of 27 waterfalls, from which you can descend like a stone slide. This National Park is also known as a natural water park.

The Dominican Republic has the highest waterfall in the Caribbean (in the territory of all Antilles), La Halda waterfall, which is 210 meters high!

Also, it is in the Dominican Republic that the highest point of the Antilles is located – Peak Duarte – a mountain with a height of 3080 m!

Salt Lake Enriciyo – the lowest point in the West Indies -44 m above sea level. The salt concentration in the lake ranges from 33% to 100%, and it is one of the few salt lakes in the world where crocodiles have learned to survive in the wild.

It is home to many rare species of flora and fauna, and the beauty of nature defies description.

The Dominican Republic is a record-breaking country

Besides the above mentioned attractions, there are also the most luxurious resorts in the world – Casa De Campo, Punta Cana resort and Cap Cana.

Marina Cap Cana is considered one of the most protected ports in Central and Latin America. Therefore, it is home to some of the most expensive yachts in the world.

And fishing in the Dominican Republic with the departure from the port of Cap Cana is named one of the best sport fishing on the planet. And the best fishing locations in the Atlantic Ocean – according to the prestigious organization The BillFish Report.

Dominican cuisine

The basis of the diet of ordinary people is rice, chicken and habichuela – bean sauce.

However, there is also haute cuisine in the Dominican Republic. In particular, city Santo Domingo annually confirms its title – the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

The local specialties include freshly caught lobster grilled over charcoal with Creole sauce.

Fish baked with coconut flakes.

Sankocho – soup with several kinds of meat with corn on the cob.

Lambi – giant clams conch, which are cooked in a delicious coconut sauce.

Salpikon – a mix of fresh seafood, stewed in coconut sauce.

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