President Luis Abinader about new jobs for East Santo Domingo.

President Luis Abinader today announced the construction of an extension to the State Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, the new market, and justice for the building of the municipality of Santo Domingo East. The municipality is the largest in the Dominican Republic with a population of over two million. It is part of Greater Santo Domingo.

On Monday 1st February 2021, the Government Council met at the Municipal Palace of Santo Domingo East and made an announcement.

President Abinader also announced the extension of the Santo Domingo Metro Line to the Port of Caucedo, the construction of a solid waste transfer station and ten new modern bus corridors. The government announced plans to build a botanical garden in the Cachón de la Rubia Nature Reserve on the east bank of the Ozama River. The Municipality of Santo Domingo North will participate in this new attraction.

The president said the commission would recommend the sustainable use of the bus station built by the Medina administration. The commission includes the City Hall of East Santo Domingo, the Ministry of the Environment, the Senator from the Province of Santo Domingo and the Ministry of Culture. Government is allocating Riad 600 million for the UASD branch in East Santo Domingo. He said the Ministry of Higher Education will plan the expansion. The government will allocate US $ 250 million for the construction of a new municipal market.

To turn Cachon de la Rubia into a botanical garden, the government will work with multilateral organizations and the authorities of the municipality of Santo Domingo North.

Abinader said the Corporation for Aqueduct and Sewerage of Santo Domingo (CAASD) will build a saline barrier to provide drinking water to the entire population of East Santo Domingo and some of the residents of Santo Domingo Norte.

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