Reviews about the weather in the Dominican Republic

Going on vacation in the Dominican Republic in November, my husband and I were very worried that we would get in the rainy season. We were lucky, for all seven days of vacation the rain was only once, and then it ended quickly. The rest of the time the weather was warm and sunny (28-30 degrees), ideal for a comfortable beach holiday, when there is no exhausting heat and can safely take sunbaths, without fear of getting burnt. The ocean water temperature – 28 degrees, swimming in it is a pleasure. The only downside – small waves and high humidity. We were very pleased with the trip, if ever holiday in the Dominican Republic, then in November.

From many people you can hear that in September, in the Dominican Republic, the rainy season. Our vacation in Punta Cana was from September 5 to 15. From early morning it was very stuffy and with each passing hour, the air was getting hotter and hotter. In the afternoon it was especially hot. There was no wind at all. By nightfall it was getting cooler, less stuffy, and a light jacket with sleeves would come in handy in the Dominican Republic in the evenings. On day 10 of our stay, the night of September 14 to 15, at about 12 am, it rained tropical rain. The rain lasted about half an hour. When we woke up at 5 am, nothing reminded us of rain.

From 14.12.2016 to 21.12.2016 were in Punta Cana, not very lucky with the weather. 3 days sunny and ideal for rest, and 4 days a strong wind and rain small drizzling, quickly ends, but could be for day 4-5 times, and if it was not raining there was a wind, you can sunbathe, but to bathe especially in the ocean is a bit cold.

I have not met the worst weather in the resorts. It rained for 5 days, a few hours a day. The sun does not come out at all. Choose other countries this month

We flew on a honeymoon to the Dominican Republic Punta Cano, it was in October 2016, to be honest the weather in general pleased us, all the time it was +30 – +33, it did not rain in spite of the fact that we had two weeks rest. The air of tropics was fresh and very pleasant, the water in the ocean was that is necessary 27 degrees, a beach very pure. In general rest was successful and there were no problems with weather.

Holidays in La Romana at the end of April. It was very hot during the day +33 and a little bit cooler at night + 27. A land of eternal summer. It did not rain much, it poured only 3 times in 2 weeks, at night and for a short time. It was quite humid. The water in the Caribbean Sea was warm and blue. We had no wind for two weeks, so we had no wind at all, so it was calm and the sun in the daytime was heating mercilessly, so we had to use an abundant layer of cream. The sand on the beaches is fine and white.Generally exotic.

In December 2015 I was lucky enough to rest in the capital of the Dominican Republic. I love the Caribbean, so on my next vacation I decided to go to the Dominican Republic.

All my vacation the weather was amazing-the sky was clear, it did not rain, and the daytime air temperature was on average 30 degrees Celsius. The water temperature was also very comfortable, about 27-28 degrees. To be honest, I have noted no minuses in weather for myself in general. In my opinion, such weather is ideal for beach rest. It allows lounging on white sand, and plenty of swimming in the cleanest water, and ride a board.

In principle, in December in Dominica is quite realistic to go on excursions and entertainment (weather is not so hot), but I preferred a break from everything and everyone and most of the time was on the beach.

At other times of the year I was not in the Dominican Republic, so it is difficult to compare. But December I can definitely recommend it.

This year we decided to visit the Dominican Republic in the wonderful city of Punta – Cana, we decided to go in the middle of the summer season in July, I can say it was very hot, so hot that the water temperature was about 28 degrees, very warm water, winds and no special rain, it was overcast some days, but the air and water temperatures did not affect it, a week rest, the temperature had not dropped below 30 degrees.

Afternoon.At the end of June this year my wife went on vacation.We did not have a vacation for a long time, so we decided to splurge a little and fly to the Dominican Republic.We chose a long time, but stopped at a resort in Punta Cana.Weather will not modestly complain was amazing.The sun was shining up to 30 degrees and it rained almost never. Tropical air from the Atlantic Ocean is particularly fresh and pleasant. Beautiful and picturesque beaches, clear water, hotels, services in hotels, picturesque ruins of the capital, a lot of excursions, the warm ocean, rum, cigars – are not all the advantages of rest in the Dominican Republic.

Vacationed in Punta Cana and just arrived, what can I say, you should not go in the summer during the hurricane season. We have not had any, but it rained all night three times in ten days. Though in the morning there was no trace of it and still it was uneasy sometimes. But the weather was nice with the warm sea and hot days. The temperature was already +30 in the morning, the day probably reached up to +40. The sea is like fresh milk, sit and do not go in + 28.

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