River pollution in the Dominican Republic

An alarming statement was made by Gilberto Reinoso, Executive Director of the President’s Cabinet for Water Resources, who asked to take a responsible approach to this problem.

Reinoso’s report states that the country is largely unregulated, collecting and treating 9% to 10% of wastewater that leaves homes. “And one liter of this residual or black or gray water, as they call it, maybe one liter, infect eight liters,” he determined.“Wastewater that circulates through rivers and along the sea coastline and seeps into the subsoil is already a public health problem,” he said.

Reinoso presented the issue at the first international roundtable “Diagnostics and Solutions for the Water Sector in the Dominican Republic”, which took place last Monday at the main campus of Apec University (Unapec) in cooperation with the French Embassy.

The global water crisis has become one of the problems of our time. The UN estimates that 2 billion people in the world do not have direct access to water. “According to UNICEF, every fifth child does not have access to water.

Considering the negative outlook, Reinoso announced that the National Water Pact would be brought up to civil society on June 14 to determine what will happen and what should be done with this resource in the next 20 or 25 years.

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