Romantic rest on Cap Cana beaches

While planning a pair trip for themselves and their friends, Steve and Bambi Ineson stopped at the Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana resort in the Dominican region. Owners of Four Seasons Travel in Iowa, these two are the Playa Hotels & Resorts experience.

“We tried to arrange a trip for our friends who were looking for a romantic, more upbeat and fun atmosphere, and the Hyatt Zilara is perfect for that,” Steve said.

“The quality of the restaurants and the service is phenomenal, along with the space they have, the beach and the scenery. Hyatt hotels are always in the best locations in every destination, and we knew, that beach at this location was incredible,” he added.

Despite being a fairly new hotel, the Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana immediately ranked number one among travel advisors and received incredible reviews. Bambi mentioned that two of them had a tour in a helmet while the property was in development, so they had to go back and see the finished product.

Throughout her stay, she noticed a variety of security measures, including temperature checks, security seals, surface disinfection by staff, and cleaning of towels after use, as well as masks worn by both staff and guests.

“I think they are taking the proper precautions to make people feel safe. I feel completely safe here.” Bambi said, adding that she would feel comfortable sending her clients here.

The Inesons have seen Playa do an incredible job of keeping up with the changing protocols. They explained how the resort company immediately announced free on-site testing in response to the CDC’s announcement that all international air passengers are required to have negative test for COVID-19 upon return to the United States.

Playa offers an extended stay protection plan for guests who actually test positive for COVID-19 during their stay for just $ 29 per person.

In terms of romance, the resort lived up to Steve and Bambi’s expectations.

“That’s the beauty and the wow factor for me. In my mind, it’s just a romantic feeling,” – explained Bambi.

Steve added: “This is one of the most beautiful hotels in which I have been for a long time. Service here – makes you feel special. They approach and talk with each pair on the beach. The directors of each division checked us out to see how our stay went.”

Employees try to remember the names that made the group feel really special, and concierge took Steve to the side to see if he could do anything to make the stay special Bambi.

Dustin Guzman, one of the friends Ineson, who was in attendance them on the trip, and was impressed with the stay in the hotel Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana, noting that this hotel is a romantic atmosphere.

“This is the perfect place for a romantic rest. If you look at the lights on the trees are blue, and it’s really amazing,”- explained Guzman. “Excellent facilities. We have a view that looks directly at the ocean. It’s amazing”.

He also commented on the incredible service of the staff and the location.

“First of all, a perfect location. All within walking distance. One thing that really stands out – it’s staff. They are so cute and remember your name. The concierge is so kind to us.”

Thanks to the spacious beach, several secluded areas, a spa, inspired Cenote, delicious restaurants, endless entertainment and more, Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana offers all the conditions for a romantic holiday in the Caribbean.

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