The best season for a holiday in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country which differs from others in that it can distinguish in its climate two whole seasons: the “rainy season” and the hot season, so to speak, the “golden season”.

The first season in the Dominican Republic lasts from April to October. Its main features are short showers, falling usually at night.

The second season in the Dominican Republic lasts from November to the end of March. It is he and is considered a “golden” – stabilized by warm and dry weather in the country. During this time in the Dominican Republic blows the lightest Atlantic breeze, which allows you to create a dry season, the most satisfying conditions for tourists to rest.

So, lovers of the sea, warm sun and great water fun should go to the Dominican Republic, pre-selecting the season that suits you best. The main thing to be sure “one hundred percent” that the season of rest will not darken.

So what can be said about the “golden” vacation in the Dominican Republic? As already mentioned, it begins in early November and ends in late March. There are at this time, of course, and small rains, but they are so rare and “small” that the rest of the tourist just do not spoil.

In addition, it is worth noting and that neither January, nor February or March are among the hottest months of the country. The Dominican Republic is on the north side of the equator, so it is winter in these months. “Winter”, of course, sounds ridiculous to Russians, because +30 ° C is “abnormal” temperature for Russia at this time.

By the way, despite the fact that at this time it is so hot here, high humidity and ocean breeze always make it very easy to endure this air temperature. At night, by the way, it’s nice to go out and take a walk, because the temperature drops as much as 10 degrees. (Locals generally think it’s freezing). For those who come from colder countries, however, the Dominican Republic enjoys the coolness of the night after experiencing the rays of the daytime sun.

For those who prefer the hotter temperatures, it is advisable to go to the Dominican Republic in August, although note that at this time, and just the maximum amount of rainfall. In addition, until the end of October here can meet a huge number of hurricanes and typhoons. Although, if anything, these natural phenomena are found here in any season at any time of year, but the end of summer is the most dangerous for the Dominican Republic.

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