Vin Diesel in Dominican Republic.

Vin Diesel visited the Dominican Republic and spent time with President.

One of the most brutal Hollywood stars Vin Diesel once again spoke with love about the Dominican Republic. He noted that adores this paradise island and its inhabitants, which has sp many beautiful places as Cap Cana, for example.

“Never let anyone tell you that Dominicans are not magical and wonderful people. I love this country, and I will always love it,” the famous actor admitted.

Famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel again came to rest in the Dominican Republic, as he likes such beautiful places as Cap Cana. But this time the star “Fast and the Furious” combine business with pleasure, apparently considering the possibility to invest in the development of the spa area in the area of Puerto Plata.

Last Thursday, the actor, together with the President of the country, Luis Abinader, took part in an official meeting with representatives of the tourism sector of Puerto Plata. As it became known later, the key issue for the meeting was to discuss investment opportunities for the development of Luperon Resort, located near g.Puerto Plata.

In particular, in the area of the city plan to develop marine tourism. Projects are coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, which will outline the development of the region.

In the near future the Ministry of Tourism plans to restart the tourist activity in the so-called Amber Coast.

“We put our soul, mind and heart into this province because we believe in its enormous potential. We will make the region stronger by providing more opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. And we will make this resort one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean,” – commented meeting with Minister of Tourism David Coyado.

In Luperon, Vin Diesel took a short boat trip along the Baia de Gracia with the administration of President Abinader.

At the same time, the media and ordinary residents of the country noted that for such an important meeting of the government level, Vin Diesel chose a sleeveless T-shirt. And this has caused a wave of discussions in social networks. Because of the dress code of the Dominican Republic at such meetings in a sign of respect to the status of heads of state decided to be present in the closed-sleeved shirts.

It is worth recalling that a few weeks ago Vin Diesel already flew to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and was even invited to a meeting with the President at the National Palace.

Details of this meeting were still not disclosed.

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