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Update: February 25, 2021

The United States Embassy in Santo Domingo is processing routine appointments for work and student visas on a limited basis, as local conditions allow. Routine tourist visa appointments remain on hold during this time, and only emergency cases having requirements or eligible for an interview waiver are being served.

For Immigrant Visa Applicants: Department of Immigration Visas reopened on a limited basis. Although the ability to make an appointment is still limited by public health conditions; Department immigrant visa appointments on a very limited basis in the following categories:

  • Adoptions: dating for children adopted by US citizens.
  • Spouse, child and parents of US citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPR).
  • Date mate (e) of a US citizen.
  • Immigrant visa applicants whose interview appointments were scheduled between March 16, 2020 and April 30, 2020, and who were canceled due to the closure of visa services operations on March 16, 2020.

NOTE: The immigrant visa applicants who need to make an urgent appointment, may request it in the following way:

If your immigrant visa petition is currently at the National Visa Center (NVC), you must send your request, along with its corresponding supporting documentation directly to the NVC to be considered.

If you have received notification from the National Visa Center that your request has been transferred to the Visa Unit Immigrant, or if you made an interview at the embassy and it was rejected (a), please write to:, briefly explaining the nature of your emergency and submitting the supporting documentation for your case.

Applicants included within any category mentioned above are responsible for monitoring emails provided to the NVC and / or to the Immigrant Visa Unit for any updates or scheduling reasons. Applicants who do not show their scheduled interview should note that timeouts are high to schedule another interview.

For travel visa applicants: If applicants have an urgent need to travel, they can request an emergency appointment.

Applicants wishing to renew their visas and who meet the interview waiver requirements, including children under the age of 13, are in the process of processing.

Ordinary visa appointments for applicants who do not habitually reside in the Dominican Republic are not available at this time. Any applicant currently residing in the United States and seeking to extend their legal stay should contact United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. We are unable to grant emergency appointments for applicants who are currently in the United States.

To protect the health and safety of our staff and public, we follow strict social distancing practices at our facilities. All applicants must wear face masks in our applicant service centers and in the waiting room of our visa unit. Any applicant with symptoms of cough, sore throat or fever should reschedule your interview by contacting us at

Nonimmigrant Visa Fee Extension: The Department of State will extend the validity of nonimmigrant visa payments (known as MRV fees) until 30th September 2022, to allow all applicants who have failed to schedule a visa appointment, due to the suspension of routine consular services, an opportunity to schedule and / or attend a visa appointment with already paid fee.

We are working diligently to restore visa routine operations as quickly and safely as possible. However, we can’t provide a specific date. Please continue to visit our website as our ability to provide services continues to evolve.

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