Visit the Visa Service Center before your interview

Many residents of Dominican Republic know where the US Embassy in Santo Domingo is, and where to apply for a visa. But have you heard about the Visa Application Service Center (VAC)? After filling out online application and before interview at the embassy all applicants for immigrant visas must visit the VAC, in a first place, located in commercial center of Galería 360 in Santo Domingo. This is the place where you should to go to make prints and photographs. To make an appointment to the VAC, please go to:

Do not forget to bring a confirmation sheet form DS-160 / DS-260 and your passport to service center of Galería 360. After visiting Visa Application Center, make sure you have following documents before your embassy interview:

  • Birth certificate: it is necessary to verify your identity and thus to handle your case;
  • Birth, Marriage or Divorce Certificates: Since every immigrant visa is linked to a job application or family petition, this relationship needs to be verified during your interview.

Therefore, we recommend you to bring the certificates you already have. In addition, visas associated with family petitions requires the applicant to submit a statement of support. You must also bring the medical results, which will be considered a consular officer, as well as your form DS-260. Do not forget to pick up your medical results, in case if medical board won’t tell you, they would send it directly to the embassy. The application process is organized really efficient in the service center of Galería 360, so you will not loose extra time there.

Each applicant aged 18 years and older will be required to have a certificate of perfect behavior. Those who have had problems with the law, it will be necessary to provide legal documents explaining any prior legal problems or arrests. With all of these documents on the day of the interview, it will be easier for consul to conduct your case more quickly, and that would save you time. If you know you won’t have necessary documents to the day of the interview, schedule another one at the following link, where you can also find more information about the process:

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