What Fruits, Chocolate, And Cacao To Buy In The Dominican Republic?


The Dominican Republic boasts a huge variety of fruits that ripen here almost all year round. Many of them, of course we are familiar with, but there are few well-known instances.

Let us also recall the Dominican pineapples, which are available at any time of the year and which are distinguished by a special aroma and juiciness. More about watermelons, melons, papaya, passion fruit and citrus.


The real “king of fruits” is mango, which season lasts from April to October. Some say that there are 40 types of mango in the Dominican Republic, others – that all 100. You can check this at the end of June at a festival in the town of Bani, where mango ripens all year round. There, farmers measure their yields and varieties, so it is at the festival that the entire range of this juicy fruit can be counted.

Exotic fruit which is famous for the Dominican Republic


In the Dominican Republic it is called “red cactus” or “dragon fruit”. It has large reddish fruits with edible flesh inside. The fruit is cut and eaten with a spoon. Harvest season – all year round.


Large fruit with brown suede skins. Inside there is a large stone and varnished thick pinkish-orange flesh. Some find it similar to persimmon, others like boiled carrots. It contains vitamin C and is high in fiber and fluids.


Large green fruit with mild thorns. Inside – a fibrous pulp is creamy, sweet taste, and dark inedible seeds. It quenches thirst and helps with many diseases. The ripening season is all year round.


This fruit resembles a loquat. Fruit consists of soft pulp with two or three seeds and contains a low number of calories. Nispero is rich in vitamins and potassium. It tastes sweet and juicy, with a pleasant acidity.


Pulp has a white to pale pink in color with hard seeds and musky aroma, very pleasant to the taste. Fruits contain vitamins C and group B is used for cooking guava jelly, jams, marmalades, juices, ice cream. Season of the fruit falls in the spring.


This name is no accident: a cross-section of the fruit is shaped like a five-pointed star. The fruit carambola – crisp, juicy, sweet or sour-sweet, yellow or green. Contains vitamin C. Season for the fruit lasts from May to August.


Lovers of dark chocolate and cacao good clearly have to taste the Dominican product. In the Dominican Republic some of the best varieties of cocoa grow in the world, out of which make the chocolate, butter and cocoa balls. As gourmets say Dominican cocoa has a special aroma: it is “live”, as during processing do not use ovens or chemicals.

Typically, this product is sold in granules or pellets. For the preparation of the last beans are roasted, ground to a paste state, is mixed with spices and rolled, and after drying packed in cans or sachets.

Prepare cocoa balls is quite simple: rub them on a grater, heat the milk and add the grated cocoa at the rate of 1 tablespoon of powder to 1 cup of milk. Bring the liquid to a boil, but do not boil. Add salt, sugar and cinnamon to taste. And that’s it! Real cocoa is ready!

Another gastronomic hit of the Dominican Republic is chocolate – thanks to the same natural cocoa, a wide variety of products and an affordable price.

From various Dominican resorts organize chocolate tours that introduce visitors to the process of production of natural chocolate. In Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and Altos de Chavon eat chocolate museum, where there is a large selection of dark, white, milk, with different tastes, and of course, hot chocolate, as well as cosmetic products based on or containing added cocoa.

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