When to have a rest in the Dominican Republic

Weather in the Dominican Republic by month

Weather in the Dominican Republic is determined by the island location of the country and its proximity to the equator. The tropics of the Dominican Republic is the mildest version of the climate. In contrast to the exhausting heat of the real tropics, the heat in the Dominican Republic is mitigated by the trade winds and the mountainous terrain located in the western part of the country. The only serious disadvantage of this paradise on earth is the possibility of devastating hurricanes. However, every year there are serious winds at certain times of the year. Hurricanes, the country experienced only a few times in the 20th century. Therefore, going on vacation to the exotic Republic at the “right” time you can not fear anything.

The air temperature throughout the year in the country does not fall below +29 degrees during the day and +20 at night during the winter months. In summer it is slightly higher. Daytime temperatures are close to +32 … +33 degrees and nighttime temperatures are about +23 degrees Celsius. Water in the ocean warms up to +28 in summer and “cools down” to +26 in winter. Therefore, holidays in the Dominican Republic is attractive to those who like warmth and bliss. If you can hardly stand the heat and the coolness of the evening pleases you more than the pleasure of frying on the beach – it is not quite your option.

Peak tourist visits are from November to April. This is the best time for a beach holiday because the high tropical temperatures fall to a comfortable level for visitors, no wind, rain and slightest weather disasters in general. In spite of the high level of humidity, one cannot say that it is too much, and heavy rainfall at this time on the island is a rarity. Tropical typhoons during high season bypass the Dominican Republic. The coldest month on the island is January. At this time, it could even get as cold as +24 degrees Celsius during the day, but it has not been seen in a long time.

It falls in the summer months, starting in May and ending in October. This is the season of rains and typhoons. Unlike the African tropics that don’t dry out, in the Dominican Republic the coming downpours pour out rapidly, quickly replaced by sunshine again, and so don’t disturb vacationers too much. Hurricanes pass by the island, hardly ever hitting it. Dominicans receive only strong winds, which, however, quickly subside. A more long-term result of the weather changes is a rough sea and some turbidity in the water. But divers it is not so scary because of the fact that it does not affect the deep layers, and be happy to swim in the not very clear water.

Beach vacations in the Dominican Republic

In such an exotic distance, our tourists go exclusively for a beach holiday. And the Dominican Republic, due to its mild climate, developed infrastructure and high level of safety, is a leader among tropical vacation destinations. Snow-white beaches and evergreen palm trees are a tourist’s dream come true. Haiti – an island, the eastern part of which is occupied by the Dominican Republic, is familiar to many from the cartoon films of childhood and reaching adulthood and financial stability, many want to visit this paradise, embodied on earth.

The natural and climatic conditions of the country are ideal for year-round sunbathing, swimming, diving and any other water sports. In the 21st century, when so few places on Earth are left where no man has set foot and no irreparable damage is done to nature, the beaches of Dominica are especially attractive with their pristine purity and environmental friendliness. The most famous and popular with tourists for its beaches are such resorts in the country as Puanta Cana, also known as “Coconut Beach”, Samana (Atlantic coast), as well as the beaches of La Romana and Jaun Dolio (Caribbean coast).

Economic and infrastructural development

The Dominican Republic is actively developing both tourism and other sectors of the economy. Natural resources are extracted here and goods are produced. But of course, tourism remains the main direction of development, thanks to the delightful natural and climatic conditions. Dominican cities have a lot to interest and please many tourists. The country since 2008 even operates a subway. And the natural attractions will be of particular interest to residents of temperate climates.

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