Why you should spend your summer vacation in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic has a sprawling range of events for people of all ages. It’s the perfect home base with warm temperatures, gorgeous beaches and an abundance of recreation and attractions. Our travel expert Markus Wischenbart gives you irrefutable arguments for choosing the Dominican Republic for your next family vacation 

The Dominican Republic has provided plenty of facilities for families, such that both young and old alike are well-placed to enjoy the unforgettable pleasures of the peninsula. Ecotourism, which allows visitors to revel in the country’s original surroundings, has lured thousands of families to the Dominican Republic. R. Here are just a few of the most famous jobs families are likely to enjoy in the Dominican Republic:

1 – Enjoy the gorgeous beaches

The Dominican Republic’s beaches are considered one of its most famous attractions. In the western part of the state, the warm waters of Boca Chica, or Bailaibe beach on the southern coast, offer the most measured surf. Kids will love playing in the sand, swimming or taking part in the countless water sports that are available.

2 – Relax by the Pool

The Dominican Republic’s all-inclusive resorts give you the opportunity to simply spend the day relaxing by the pool. All offerings are integrated into the base price, and courteous staff are able to give you everything important in the direction of the day, so that you can just enjoy the entertainment. 

3 – Ask the kids to take part in the resort’s Kids Club events

Almost all domestic resorts in the Dominican Republic offer children’s camp programs for kids ages 6 and up, which offer a variety of fun activities for kids while their caregivers are relaxing in the sun. Competitions, crafts, Wii games and other activities are designed for specific age groups. 

4 – Swim with Scats and Sharks

Any family member can enjoy an up-close encounter with stingrays and sharks in one of the state’s protected marine parks. It’s still possible to combine these activities with an encounter with dolphins, another of the ocean’s most fascinating residents. The Ocean World marine and water park is just a short drive from Puerto Plata. 

5 – Canyon Hike

It is still possible to go hiking in the Cabarete region at Hotel D. R. The adventure hikes cover 3 different canyon regions: the Magic Mushroom, Siguapa Falls and for the older kids, the Bastard’s Canyon Grande with its descent, jumping and bathing. 

6 – Visit Banana Plantation

Bananas are considered one of the leading agricultural products in the Dominican Republic, and your family has the opportunity to learn more about how these sweet fruits are grown and intended during a plantation tour. 

7 – Whale Watching

From January to the end of March, humpback whales migrate to an area called Samaná Bay, off the coast of the Dominican Republic. An excursion boat can take you to see these extraordinary creatures as they swim and jump in the waters near Cabarete. 

8 – Hike to Waterfalls

The waterfalls in the Dominican Republic are considered a natural attraction that guests of all ages enjoy during their visit. Swim in one of the pools at the bottom of the falls and enjoy the flora and fauna of these forested areas. Any of the 27 different waterfalls invite original emotions. Protective ammunition is provided on guided tours.

9 – Take a zipline ride

Families have the chance to visit the tropical monkey thickets and ziplane adventure in the natural area between Sosua and Cabarete to enjoy a ziplane tour over the tropical rainforest canopy. A zipline tour gives guests an original perspective of a landscape that will be remembered for years to come. You can also admire the marmoset and old grotto in this five-acre botanical park.

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